The top 10 time saving must-haves every career woman owns

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hen it comes to the working week, it is important that you have certain essential pieces in your wardrobe that are not only comfortable but also effortlessly easy to style, no matter by how much you overslept the alarm-clock. While the pantsuit may have had a rise in popularity recently, we do not always have the required self-discipline to pick up our pantsuits in time from the dry cleaners - below we outline the 10 pieces that will help you have a solid foundation that can easily be mixed and matched with little effort required. 

Working wardrobe essential pieces

REISS BUSINESS DRESS A dress that is perfect for days when you want to battle the office air-conditioner, but do not want to sacrifice elegance and style by pursuing cat lady chic in layers upon layers of clothing.

Although we are big fans of structured panel dresses, these often do require a bit of preparation and can easily lose their perfect shape when packed away during a business trip. 

The Rita knitted midi dress by Reiss is the perfect fit and a sophisticated take on this autumn's must-have colour: deep berry red, whilst also easy to wash and keep in perfect condition.

Style with ankle boots or pointed flats for a comfortable yet stylish look. 

Working Wardrobe essential pieces for the career woman - 2


Victoria Beckham Stylish flat shoes for the officeSay goodbye to getting your heel stuck in the tube escalator during morning rush-hour (yeah, we've all been there).

Whether running between meetings or rushing to catch your flight, nothing says an empowered woman like one that can move freely and looks comfortable. Wearing heels every day is not only bad for your
health, but also slows you down when in a rush. 

pointed leather flats lucy choiLuckily, as exhibited by Victoria Bekcham in her stylish #ootd ensemble, flat does not equal frumpy with the beautiful choices available today.

Our current favourites are the Blur Navy Shoes by London based designer Lucy Choi and the Celeste pointed flats by Jigsaw (available in a variety of colours). 

Womens Workwear Fashion inspiration


You don’t need a coat all year, but come the winter months you will be looking for that extra stylish layer to keep out the chill. As with most things in life, if you're going to do something, do it well. Invest in a coat which will leave plenty of space for cosy cashmere sweaters or pantsuits underneath and beat the British weather in style. 

Have one cashmere or wool coat in your base colour of choice: these classic investment pieces will make you look confident, give you that touch of understated chic and can be thrown on at a minutes notice. 

Our favourites this season? The stylish Marlene by London based designer Charlotte Zimbehl will always remain a classic and is lovingly crafted from 80% virgin wool. For a lighter colour and feel, the Joseph double face cashmere coat (with a belt which can pull you in at the waist for a feminine silhouette).

Wool winter coat charlotte zimbehl
joseph cashmere winter coat

Womens working wardrobe inspiration


she lion laptop bag women We are ladies that take this quote from Albert Einstein very seriously when it comes to organising our work bags: 

'If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?'

You take a lot of stuff to the office, which is why you need a handbag that fits just about everything. Having a bag filled with every last minute essential you can think of before rushing out the door in the morning however does not mean it has to be a disorganised bag. Enter: the She Lion handbag collection. 

These champion handbags come with special compartments for all your Very Important Things: paperwork and pitch-books, laptops and mobiles, chargers and safety pins: all will find a special allocated home in your new bag. 

Miranda Kerr pencil skirt fashion

Pencil skirts are a must-have staple for your working wardrobe, investing in a midi style skirt allows you to transition from desk to dinner with ease whilst also elongating your frame. The best thing? Invest in one of these and mix and match them with a variety of tops to keep changing up your outfits at work: sweaters, blouses, matching jackets and even simple cotton tops are all happy contenders. 

Discover the full skirt collection here

Womens working wardrobe essential pieces


Everyone wears the basic white blouse, so why not do something a little different? Comfort and elegant movement of the material is key here: whether you combine it with your favourite business trousers or skirt is a decision that can be left to the morning. The rich colours of these tops ensure that you look on top form no matter the day.

Diane von Furstenberg silk blouse silkarmour
jigsaw tie blouse



No matter the occasion, a Little Black Dress (also lovingly referred to as the "LBD") is often the only answer you need to all your fashion woes. A gloriously multipurpose wardrobe staple that is great come rain or shine, the Ludervine Lace Detail Dress is the perfect wardrobe saviour in times of need. Drape yourself in pearls a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's or combine with a tweed jacket - this dress can worn over and over again.

little black dress workwear essentials for women


Tottering around in 5 inch heels in the office is not only a pain, but may also turn a perfectly classy workwear appropriate outfit into a "I'm on my way to the club" look (we're looking at you, LBD). Yes, you're an independent woman that shouldn't have to confine to any rules; but dress codes are in place for everyone. Your male colleagues may haunt Mahiki on the weekends in shirts that show more cleavage than a Jennifer Lopez red carpet dress, but that does not mean that come Monday all that chest hair shouldn't be carefully stored away again behind a Hermes tie and buttoned up shirt. 

Smaller heels are not only timelessly chic, but also allow you to spend your day in comfort.

Leather ankle boots working wardrobe

LK BENNETT court shoes office

black pumps office workwear

Working wardrobe essentials


Delora high waister business trousers

No, not the ones so shamelessly flaunted by certain European tourists with socks and sandals to match. The modern designs introduced this season are perfectly matched with flowing silky blouses and ensure a feminine and chic silhouette. If you are bottom heavy: opt for wide legged trousers rather than the traditional cigarette cut to elongate and balance out your body. 

Discover the full trouser collection here.

Working Wardrobe Essential pieces Silkarmour



A well cut blazer is your secret weapon in any work situation. Our advice? Keep a spare jacket at all times at the office. Spilled a coffee on your crisp white shirt? No problemo, you have your beloved blazer handy. Impromptu meeting with a client when you for once took casual Friday to heart? Add a much needed dash of professionalism with your pre-selected blazer. Computer problems? Carefully fold aforementioned blazer and take a much needed cat nap while you wait for IT to send in help (in our experience, this should easily give you an hour or so). 

Choose classic cuts in luxurious tweed that can be worn with dresses, skirts or trousers. The above jacket by LK Bennett mixes both blue and black threads which allows you to easily wear this jacket with both black and navy layers. 

Shop the full jacket collection here.

What are the most worn items in your wardrobe and why? Let us know in the comments below and we will scour the world to find you more of the good stuff.

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