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Image. Identity. Clarity.


mage is what you put out there, identity is who you are, and clarity is the magic that happens when the two come together. Let’s talk about power style. In our 20 years as stylists, we’ve noticed that a lot of women hold back when it comes to their workplace style, fearing that it might take away from what they do.

The truth is, when a powerful woman has a distinct style that matches her strong personality, she becomes capable of achieving even more. We’ve seen this transformation happen over and over again with our clients. We believe that being empowered by your style is essential, not only for the company you’re representing but also for your own personal brand. 

We’re not in the ’90s anymore and power style doesn’t have to mean big shouldered pantsuits. There’s a subtle power in showing your waistline without being overt and too sexy. Embracing everything that you are–femininity is no exception—projects confidence.

How does a confident, powerful, feminine woman think, look and move? Connect to that feeling, and channel it as you get dressed. You’ll be in awe of the effect that it will have.

Check out these three looks, they mean business in a powerfully feminine way.

— LOOK 1 —
The Office Dress

Shop the look: The Victoria Dress by Cecily | Genoir Tote by AVEHA LONDON

— LOOK 2 —
 The Suit

Shop the look: Linton Monochrome Jacket by Rose & Willard | Linton Monochrome Trousers by Rose & Willard | Bosque Shoulder Bag by AVEHA LONDON

— LOOK 3 —
 The Day Dress

Shop the look: Silkarmour Career DressesThe Carnelia Tote


About Visual Therapy:

Visual Therapy was founded in 1995 by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo. Having set a new standard for developing original style, the Visual Therapy team applies their fresh and enlightened principles to all aspects of consultation, including private client styling services, interior design, speaking engagements, and brand creative direction. They have been featured in top-tier publications such as Vogue, Bazaar, and The New York Times and published three books sharing their styling process and philosophies. Heralded as a leader in the field of Luxury Lifestyle Consulting, their unique 5 Step approach to identifying and nurturing one’s individual ‘style type’ begins in the wardrobe, transforming lives and empowering through style.

In distinction to other style consultants and trend experts, Visual Therapy excavates and enhances the client’s already unique style personality in the belief that true and lasting style is an outward expression of an inner state. Merging fashion, psychology and spirit, the Visual Therapy method brings clarity to the closet, enabling people to form a concise and confident coordination of their external image and internal identity.

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