3 Modern Ways to Master Abstract Chic

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ntegrating the abstract aesthetic into your working wardrobe is a venture for the bold and the brave. Embracing architectural influences, the addition of avant-garde, asymmetrical cut-outs and kaleidoscopic prints into your classic office pieces not only spices up variety for the morning routine but conveys personality and an enthusiasm for experimentation; all essential qualities when vying for a promotion. Abstract style is a sign of embracing the embrace the new; freedom from fear of the unknown and more importantly, an escape from the clutches of a predictable all-black office uniform. What some perceive as unpredictable and erratic, when styled in tasteful moderation, can be the building blocks to a bold and memorable corporate office identity. Begin your own lessons in new shapes and eclectic styles with our 3 set-styles.

— 1 —
Modern Graphic

Easily compared to Frezerico Saenz Recio’s abstract art, Madderson London’s Naomi Dress breaks up a simple black base with graphic inserts of pink, white and grey. Focusing on the textured twill fabric, the combination of pink and white chequered tweed draws a sharp comparison between the soft, sweet shades and the grey industrial tones, making this piece – and it’s classically styled sibling, The Audrey Dress – a beautiful merging of aesthetics. With The Reagan Jacket thrown on top to complete the set, paired with the sculptural shapes that finish Lucy Choi’s Lovell Heel creates the perfect tension that is so often found in modern aesthetics; graphic and striking yet unintimidating. Since the abstract statement here is relatively subtle, add the geometric shapes of Linds Sieto’s Tar Black Satchel and ORA’s Classic Pearl earrings in black for an elegant finish.

3 Modern Ways to Master Abstract Chic

— 2 —
Smart and Chic

For an ensemble that blends the practicality of office wear with the elegance of abstract details, mix monochrome pieces that have a subtle yet modern finish. The asymmetric ruched ruffles of VIKTORIA CHAN’s Wilma Blouse elevates the classic silhouette without the frivolity of lace or excessive trims; elongating the sleeves and framing the neckline. Pair with Hobbs’s Sundas trousers and frame the look with the structural and tailored shape of THISISNON’s Open Front Long Vest, for a sharp and shapely contrast, with a final dash of formality. Keep the mood modern with the structural accents of the Layered Purple Bag by Linda Sieto and add the detailed lustre of House of Demu’s Fenestra Pearl Ring for the perfect, elegant finish.

3 Modern Ways to Master Abstract Chic

— 3 —
Abstract Elegance

Embracing the abstract needn’t compromise the elegance of classic office style. Starting with the perfect Little Black Dress base, Cecily’s classical Caroline Dress embodies classical style with its voluptuous bell sleeves and tailored skirt whilst maintaining the versatility of an office staple to be styled with bolder pieces such as Beatrice Jenkins’s Tree Nymph Scarf, for a punch of colour among a kaleidoscopic print. Similarly, Madderson London’s Genevieve Dress proves that opposites attract with a white-tweed geometric trim on an otherwise classic Little Black Dress, framing the shape perfectly with a dash of something different. To take the look full-circle, wear with Lucy Choi’s Campbell Black Suede Heels, finished with structural Perspex cut-out shapes, and contrast with the soft and slouchy Plisse Bag by Linda Sieto, for the perfect geometric set.

3 Ways to Master Abstract Chic

Words by Ana P.C.Ordoñez

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