3 Office Ready Makeup Ideas To Do In Under 10 Minutes

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odern business women are absolute winners when it comes to time management and multitasking. But sometimes, our lengthy to-do lists and hectic schedules leave little time for self-care and maintenance. However, with studies suggesting that the right sort of makeup can increase people’s perceptions of a woman’s likeability, her competence and her trustworthiness, it can pay (quite literally) to spare ten minutes out of your morning routine before rushing to work. Luckily, that’s just about the right amount of time needed to create a sophisticated and natural look.

For a boost of confidence before you head into the city, make sure to incorporate one of these three fast and easy makeup ideas into your morning routine. Before trying any one of them, make sure your face is well cleansed and moisturised.

— 1 —
Light and Easy

3 Office Ready Makeup In Under 10 Minutes

Makeup should be used for enhancing your natural beauty, not as a mask you hide behind. When getting up in the morning, the main issues you should address are puffy eyes and dull-looking skin, especially if you didn’t get much of your beauty sleep. So, the aim should be to freshen up your face and make those sleepy eyes look sharp and alert. Opt for light formulas that provide medium coverage for a fresh, dewy looking skin.

Start by lightly applying a tinted moisturiser or a light-structured foundation in your skin tone. Try finding products that provide your skin with optimal nutrients. Our advice is to go chemical-free and choose from a wide range of natural makeup products; your skin will thank you and repay you with a gorgeous office ready look.

After you have applied the base, use a concealer to cover imperfections and take care of your dark circles. If your eyes are excessively puffy, use the old trick of leaving a spoon in the freezer for a couple of minutes, and then press it on the eyes for a less-swollen look.

Use a dash of rosy blush on your cheekbones if you want a more glowing look, but do keep in mind your skin tone. When it comes to blush, avoid thick layers or too defined circled application; no makeup is as bad as too much makeup.

For wide-awake eyes, apply a white eye pencil to your lower waterline. Using your fingers, apply a light neutral eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. Use an eyelash curler and apply two layers of mascara. Finish your look with a natural lip balm or a lipstick/lip gloss in a nude shade.

— 2 —
Balanced and Bold

3 Office Ready Makeup Ideas In Under 10 Minutes

Sometimes, you just need a bit of colour to feel ready to seize the day. Whether you are making an important presentation at work or sealing a million pound deal, Psychology suggests that  red lipstick makes us feel more confident. The key to a sophisticated and balanced look is to emphasise one feature (i.e. your lips) and tone down the rest.

Start by applying the base (foundation or tinted moisturiser) and a concealer to strategic points to cover the under-eye area, pimples and other imperfections. For a more defined look, fill in your brows. Using an angled brush, sweep a light brown colour along your lower lash line. This will make them appear fuller, but in a natural way. Use a creamy blush for a natural and healthy skin look and then apply a quick coat of black mascara.

When you’re finished with the neutral face makeup, you are free to apply red lipstick! Make sure to exfoliate your lips (you can do that in the morning, right after brushing your teeth) to avoid chapped lips and poor colour application. You can apply a primer before your lipstick to make it last longer, but there are also many long-lasting lipsticks on the market that will make your lips stand out breakfast to the boardroom either way.

For a business environment, stick to matte shades. Avoid light red shades (such as candy or coral) and stick to medium tones of berry or brown red for a professional look.

— 3 —
Natural and Defined

3 Office Ready Makeup Ideas To Do In Under 10 Minutes

If you enjoy a natural look, but required some added definition for a tough day ahead, this look is an ideal solution. Prepare your base the usual way (foundation/tinted moisturiser + concealer) and then finish up with applying powder. This will set your foundation and can be very helpful if you have oily skin.

For a more radiant look, leave your cheekbones powder-free and instead apply a touch of highlighter. You can also add a dash of it below your eyebrows, in the inner corner of your eyes and on your upper cupid’s bow. Make sure you blend it all in nicely and then add a sweep of blush on your cheeks for a healthy glow. For a extra definition on the eyes, use a black eyeliner for the upper lid. Stick with the classic eyeliner wing style.

For your lips, opt for pink nude shades. Make sure to avoid shimmery finishes or ones that are too light for your skin tone as you risk looking unprofessional.

And there you have it: just 10 minutes for a sleek and professional office friendly look for that added boost of confidence in the boardroom. What are your office-ready makeup favourites?

Words by Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is also very passionate about DIY projects, latest fashion trends and organic beauty products. Sophia writes mostly on beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.

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