4 Style Staples for Your Dream Job Interview

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f, according to the late Bill Cunningham, “fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”, then it can also double up as a weapon of choice when battling the job market. The power of a first impression and the fashion choices you make in preparation for a job interview are your chance to show your future employers why you should most definitely be the new squad recruit. Moreover, if your ensemble of choice makes you feel powerful and in control during this intimidating meet and greet  - a situation that can strike fear in the hearts of even the most courageous of people - it can ensure that you will feel confident from the first handshake (sans clammy palms) to holding composure when tackling the most difficult questions.

Style is one of the three essential qualities to secure a job from a single interview according to Chris Smith of The Guardian. Although fashion is a fast-paced industry, for a corporate setting, there will always be a "few hard and fast rules” that we all have to abide by. Considering that a recent study revealed that first impressions are made within 7-17 second of meeting an interview candidate, it comes as no surprise that 55% of a person’s professional opinion is determined by the potential colleague’s physical appearance – literally, every second counts. The corporate environment provides two-piece suits and dresses as an easy baseline but simply adhering to the basics of the dress code can be translated as a lack of interest or effort; we work in an age where diversity is desirable and thinking outside the box is the qualifying factor so personality is often the secret ingredient for success.  You want to dress appropriately for the position you're applying for, whilst staying true to who you are and letting some personality shine through. 

Pop-culture is peppered with substantial examples of leading women in corporations. From the office-chic Jessica Pearson and Donna Paulson in Suits to the political style of House of Cards’ Claire Underwood. As if they were fluent in a language that is reserved for the power women of the corporate world, what sets their characters above the pack is their ability to make a wrecking-ball of an impression as soon as they walk through the door. Learn the same language with our four staple styles, providing you with the ultimate selection of power pieces to dress to impress for your dream job interview.

— 1 —
Smart & Sleek

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Shop the look: Pearl Button White Shirt by MOS | Favourite Cigarette Trousers by VIKTORIA CHAN | Blur Navy Leather Shoes by Lucy Choi | The Deal Closer Satchel by She Lion | White Pearl Studs by ORA | White Pearl Necklace by ORA

If you are aiming to join the power players in a male dominated enviroment, your interview outfit should project exude a polished and put-together aesthetic with a dash of personality throughout. Starting with a simple base, MOS’s Pearl Button White Shirt is a classic wardrobe staple with delicate feminine embellishments that add a dash of personality. Make it match with some simple studs by ORA and tuck it into VIKTORIA CHAN’s Favourite Cigarette Trousers for a subtle play on an androgynous shape. Finish the look with feminine flats to combine practicality with comfort. Lucy Choi’s Blue Navy Leather Shoes provide the perfect hint of  style, with the elongated tapered trouser against the shoe’s chic black bow, they'll make you boardroom ready in an instant.

— 2 —
An Elegant Contrast

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Shop the look: Stella Blouse by Majorelle London | Stone Embroidered Skirt by VIKTORIA CHAN | Pink Primrose Heels by Lucy Choi | Muted Blue Satchel by Linda Sieto | Maze Cufflinks by Purple Luxe | White CZ Drop Earrings by ORA

Make navy and nude your new interview option as black in bulk can be too predictable. The elegant cut of Majorelle’s Stella Blouse offers the formality of cuffs and a collar for the interview setting but adds the ease of a loose shape around the waist for a little more breathing room. Worn with VIKTORA CHAN’s lustrously detailed Stone Embroidered Skirt and matched up with Lucy Choi’s Primrose Pink Snake Heels, the clash of colour creates the perfect aesthetic to make a great first impression; bold and elegant with a touch of embellishment.

— 3 —
Formal & Feminine

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Shop the look: Cashmere Jacket by EmmaJane Knight | White Silk Shirt by Sophie Cameron Davies | Cashmere Flute Skirt by EmmaJane Knight | Bramling Black Snake Heels by Chillerton | Black Graphite Shopper by Linda Sieto | White Double Pearl Earrings by ORA 

Angela Ahrendts always said “to thyself be true” and if overt femininity is what cultivates your confidence, unleash it in full force. EmmaJane Knight’s Cashmere Blazer conjures an instant image of polished professionalism with its sumptuous fabric and universally flattering shape. Opt for the matching Flute Skirt and wear with Sophie Cameron Davie’s White Floral Blouse for a simple-yet-elegant three-piece combination. Shoes should be simple to tie the look together so seal the deal in style with the clean and modern aesthetic of Chillteron’s Bramling Black Snake heels.

— 4 —
Subtly Powerful

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Shop the look: Nude Belted Dress by VIKTORIA CHAN | Black Suede Campbell Heels by Lucy Choi | Fenestra Pearl Ring by House of Demu | Silver Fenestra Earrings by House of Demu | Trailblazer Tablet Compendium by She Lion

The convenience of a dress never appeals more than it does for an interview. VIKTORIA CHAN’s Nude Belted Dress is a subtle yet statement all-in-one, broken-up by the chunky buckle and metal-ware to avoid the look becoming too romantic. Wearing a single colour calls for statement shoes and Lucy Choi’s Black Campbell Heels are the answer. The tactile element of suede and graphic cut-out design creates a beautiful contrast, with the perfect heel height to give you a boost. The dress may be simple but the heels mean business and with a power-piece like She Lion’s Trailblazer Tablet Compendium to top it off, you’ll be boardroom-ready in minutes.


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