About Us: For Women who Mean Business. By Women who Believe in Better.

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Silkarmour makes life easier for ambitious, hard working, money making career women everywhere.

Our mission is simple. To create a one-stop shop offering a wide and comprehensive assortment of carefully selected, high quality garments that are comfortable, beautiful and work-appropriate. Our goal is to empower women to climb the career ladder with confidence from the very first interview to the C-suite and beyond while looking sharp, chic and feminine with minimal time and effort.

Founded by a team of bankers, consultants and entrepreneurs, Silkarmour was created to solve the problems we faced getting dressed for work every day. Having spent entire weekends trying to find suits not made of polyester and bags that fit a laptop yet do not fall in the ‘boho’ category, we realised the difficulty of looking sharp and polished in what are often male dominated, ‘suit and tie uniform’ offices.

So we set out on a mission to find the designers, boutiques and tailors that deliver beautiful and office appropriate clothing crafted in luxurious fabrics sent straight to your door, giving you more time to focus on all those things that are more important than shopping.

For women who mean business. By women who believe in better.


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