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Each week we bring you five pieces of news worth their weight in gold. We scour the internet so that you don’t have to.

[Disclaimer: just as diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we are fully aware that online articles hold no weight, and as such, given the choice, as we are technically financial advisers, please choose the gold. Having said that, as our good friend Bertrand Russel once stated: “There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge”]


 Halloween Interview

  1. Year-long Halloween

    You may be sad that Halloween has come and gone for another year but fear not… as jobs site CV-Library goes to show, the world of work is a terrifying place all year round. These interview-gone-wrong stories will no doubt haunt future candidates, and most likely employers, for another year.

    Article HERE

    Via The Telegraph

  1. Hillary Clinton’s birthday

    How could we not enjoy this satirical piece celebrating Hilary Clinton’s upcoming birthday.  As New York columnist Gail Collins points out “the Democratic debate, Joe Biden’s non-candidacy announcement and the total meltdown of the Benghazi Committee” are the best presents Clinton could have asked for. All is going so well, let’s hope her birthday isn’t disturbed by the “revelation that Justin Bieber is an old family friend with whom she corresponds regularly.”

    Article HERE 

    Via The New York Times

  1. Nepal’s Lady Leader

    Unlike Hilary Clinton, Bidhya Devi Bhandari isn’t celebrating her birthday this week. She is, however, the first female President of Nepal – so that’ll do as a reason to wish well in her year ahead.

    Article HERE 

    Via the BBC

  1. A toast to Joy Spence

    Award for coolest woman of the week… All hail Joy Spence, a scientist by profession and now rum’s first female Master Blender. We love a [responsible] drink and this gives us a perfect excuse for drinking rum and supporting pioneering women. Maybe Spence’s rum could be the drink of choice at Clinton’s birthday and Bhandari’s inauguration? We’d certainly say three cheers to that!

    Article HERE

    Via Fortune

maxim taylor swift

  1. A Quick Exit

    It seems apt to leave you with this piece of news. In only a year Kate Lanphear will be quitting as editor in chief of Maxim, the lads’ mag she tried to sophisticate.  Despite the seemingly quick exit, Kevin Martinez, publisher, said, “Kate has played an integral role in evolving the Maxim brand, and we would not be where we are today without her valuable leadership. We wish her all the best.”

    Lanphear, for her part, added: “Working at Maxim has truly been a rewarding experience. I’m proud of everything all of us at Maxim have accomplished and how far the magazine has come in the past year.” So it’s onwards and upwards now for this woman with many strings to her bow.

    Article HERE

A frightfully relaxing Halloween weekend to all!
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