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Each week we bring you five pieces of news worth their weight in gold. We scour the internet so that you don’t have to.

[Disclaimer: just as diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we are fully aware that online articles hold no weight, and as such, given the choice, as we are technically financial advisers, please choose the gold. Having said that, as our good friend Bertrand Russel once stated: “There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge”]

bagel merkel forbes1 Angela Merkel: Woman of the year (in a man's world)

Under the leadership of Angela Merkel Germany has come out as the clear leader of the European Union, not only in terms of its economic success following the financial crisis, but also for their ability to lead by example as a supporter of human rights following the crisis in Syria and the Middle Eastern region, with the Chancellor pledging to take in 1 million refugees before the end of December. 

It therefore comes as no surprise that Angela Merkel has been awarded the prestigious title of TIME Magazine's 'Person of the Year'. It also perhaps comes as no surprise that Donald Trump used this opportunity to turn to twitter to air his frustration: "I told you @TIME Magazine would never pick me as person of the year despite being the big favorite They picked person who is ruining Germany". Mr Trump, the rest of the rational world seems to share your clairvoyance, with Time magazine rightfully choosing Merkel (this is after all not a competition in how many people one has the ability to insult). 

What does come as a surprise is that it has been 29 years since a woman was chosen as the Person of the Year (with the title only changing to the more inclusive "Person" instead of "Man of the Year" in 1999). Time Magazine reports on Why it has been 29 years since a Woman was Person of the year.

Via Time 

jessica alba honest company2$1.7 Billion Unicorn of Hollywood: Jessica Alba

Vanity Fair reports on the 34 year old actress best known for her portrayal of an exotic dancer in Sin City, now also a mother and businesswoman, running a company recently valued at $1.7 Billion (having launched only in 2012). 

Though a number of investors backed out at various stages during the formation of the Honest Company, Jessica Alba continued to fight for her mission, claiming that "actresses are used to rejection”.  A gentle reminder that our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Via Vanity Fair


3Scary Spice Kim Jong Un and his very own girl band

The mini-skirt wearing members of the Moranbong Band have all been individually selected by the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un ,and will be performing "friendship performances" in China this weekend in an effort to rekindle the wilting diplomatic relationship between China and the North Korean state. 

The Washington Post reports on why there may not be enough glitter and K-Pop to distract the rest of the world from the 400-page U.N. Human Rights Commission report detailing the crimes against humanity commited by Kim Jong Un. 

Via The Washington Post



448 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That Men Just Don't)

The Huffington Post video went viral this week, portraying the daily subtle sexism women face every day. 


Via The Huffington Post

5Wine, Spice, and Everything Nice
And finally, if you would like to avoid the crowds of Winter Wonderland and procure your spiced mulled wine elsewhere this year, Harper's Bazaar reports on the best Christmas markets around the country here

Via Harper's Bazaar
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