3 Classic Styling Tricks for the ultimate Spring Staple

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dding personality into a simple ensemble is often a hallmark of good style. Although accessories should typically be kept to a minimum, there’s one item that has stood against the changing frivolities of fashion and one that every working wardrobe needs; a silk scarf. The transitory quality of scarves means they’re easy to wear and even easier to remove; they’re not commitments made in the morning that you have to live with long after office-hours. A scarf can liven up an outfit without going too far and in adding a little something extra, more of your personality can be reflected in your working wardrobe. If it’s used as an accessory or as a practical wrap, a silk scarf will always add a dash of glamour to your outfit, without any extra hassle.

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Shop the look: Debel Drape Wool Jacket by Rose & WillardNomic Matt Shirt by Rose & Willard | Debel Side Split Pencil Skirt by Rose & Willard | Grace in Sky Blue scarf by Leona Lengyel | Eliza Dress by Emile Vidal Carr | Swalowtail scarf by Beatrice Jenkins

The obvious yet classic method. Long associated with the glamour of well-dressed woman and more recently adopted by Christine Lagarde, a simple dress, white shirt or tailored jacket can benefit from the soft falls of brightly coloured fabric. A kaleidoscope of colour from Leona Lengyel’s sumptuous Rainbowmaker or a distinctive pattern from Beatrice Jenkins’s Swalowtail  scarf thrown over the shoulder adds elegance to any outfit. Wind it around your neck and tie the ends together in a chic homage to the cravat or let it hang loosely under the collar of your shirt, making it the centre-piece of your outfit.

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 Bag Handle 

Shop the look: Linton Monochrome Jacket by Rose & Willard | Linton Monochrome Trousers by Rose & Willard | Rock & Roll scarf by Beatrice Jenkins | Tar Black Satchel by Linda Sieto | Ruby dress by Cecily | Rebus Tailored Jacket by Rose & Willard | Yas Black flats by Bonessi Ballerinas | The Deal Closer Satchel & Laptop case by She Lion | Room with a View scarf by Leona Lengyel 

Adorning your favourite hardworking handbag with its own chic accessory is a sweet and unobtrusive way of accessorising. In combining pattern with colour, the Rock and Roll piece by Beatrice Jenkins is a quirky approach to accessorising your handbag. The flexibility of your scarf ‘belonging’ to your bag means you can add a pop of colour to your outfit, without the commitment of wearing it all day. In contrast, Leona Lengyel’s dainty Room with a View piece offers a smooth transition of colour with its seamless design. By wrapping a scarf around a structured handle or tying it around the metal hard-wear and letting it fall down the body of the bag, your handbag can elevate your outfit without looking overly dressed-up. In turn, simply removing the scarf for the appropriate circumstance allows you to adapt your outfit for whatever the days throws at you.

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Shoulder Draping

Shop the look: Classic Ivory Shirt by Sophie Cameron Davies | Grace in Sky Blue scarf by Leona Lengyel | Graphite Black Shopper by Linda Sieto | Debel wool trousers by Rose & Willard 

Experimentation needn’t be brazen. In throwing your scarf straight over your shoulder or wrapping it around your shoulders and pinning it with a brooch, not only is your scarf securely in place, but it is also a tasteful play on the art of draping; a tribute to luxury royal regalia. Choose softer shades to avoid looking excessive, such as the luscious green tones of Leona Lengyel’s Grace in Sky Blue scarf. Best worn with a neutral coloured base and a sharp suit, this bold approach to accessorising is one saved for influential meetings when you need a confidence boost.


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