How to Achieve Skin Goals and Master Cleansing Routine

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High-achieving business women know how hard it is to fit self-care into busy schedules. Women are absolute winners when it comes to time management and multitasking. However, this also implies a certain lifestyle on-the- go and a specific approach towards skincare. Due to endless to-do lists and busy work days, women had to become savvy in finding a way to keep their skin healthy despite the obvious lack of time. The key lies in prioritising.There are three things to tick off the must-have- properties list when purchasing beauty products: high-quality, efficiency, and multi-functional formulas. All-in- one products save up your time and simplify beauty routines.
Here’s how you can take the maximum of your products and achieve healthy and beautiful skin, without spending too much of your time.

Skin prepping: exfoliation

There are many daily scrubs on the market that are very efficient in removing dead skin cells without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Depending on your skin type, you may want to use mild formulas and exfoliate on a daily basis or opt for a bit rougher scrubs and do it once or twice per week.

How to Achieve Skin Goals and Master Cleansing Routine

Exfoliation ensures the removal of dead skin cells, which is important for several reasons. Dead skin cells prevent your skin from soaking the much-needed ingredients provided from your moisturiser. Also, they are unable to reflect the light, which results in a tired and ashy looking skin. Exfoliation is the best way to deeply clean your skin, just don’t be too harsh when scrubbing your skin.

Keep it clean: Choosing the Right Cleanser

While exfoliation may not be an everyday step in your routine, washing your face is. Try avoiding using bar soaps to clean your skin since they typically dry out the skin. If you still want to use it, opt for the ones that do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate and choose moisturizing ones enriched with natural ingredients.

How to Achieve Skin Goals and Master Cleansing Routine

Listen to your skin needs: if you have dry and sensitive skin, choose a cleanser that has a creamy structure instead of washing gels and foams. You’ll want to use every chance to hydrate your skin.

Hydration is everything: daily moisturising

To maximize the efficiency of your hydration cream, make sure to wash your face with lukewarm water and to apply the cream to freshly washed skin. Optimal warm water temperature makes your pores dilate and activates the blood vessels creating the perfect surface area ready to soak in the product.

When your skin is damp, it’s ready to absorb all the ingredients in a second.

How to Achieve Skin Goals and Master Cleansing Routine

Hydration is mandatory for a smooth and youthful looking skin. If you value skincare and know how important it is, invest in reputable brands such as the high-quality thalgo beauty products: even though some of them are a bit more expensive, they’re worth every penny because you know what you pay for and you get the best care there is. Investing in quality skincare is not a matter of pampering, but a responsible decision. It’s a much better alternative than using cheap products with low properties that don’t provide your skin with what it needs.

Opt for all-in- one formulas to keep it as simple as possible: ensure hydration while taking care of wrinkles and protecting your skin from sun damage.

Protection and prevention: the power of serums

To increase your skin’s hydration, try using serums. They are concentrated sources of active ingredients,especially when it comes to fighting free-radicals and deferring the ageing process. Serums usually contain a heavy amount of antioxidants and they add an extra protective layer to your skin, keeping it safe from external environment factors.

How to Achieve Skin Goals and Master Cleansing Routine

Serum is extremely beneficial and it should be gently tapped in after cleansing, before applying moisturiser.

Getting your beauty sleep: Proper night care

Sleep is mandatory to help your body recover, skin included. There is a difference between night and day beauty products and choosing the right night ones is crucial. As skin cells work hard during the night to renew, they need additional support, especially in order to produce collagen.

How to Achieve Skin Goals and Master Cleansing Routine

To fully take advantage of the night, consider using overnight face masks or exfoliators: while you’re getting your precious shut-eye, your product is actively taking care of your skin. The result: dewy-looking, rejuvenated skin in the morning. Needless to say, removing all of your makeup and washing your face before bed is a must.

With these simple steps, you’ll become a master of the cleansing routine, just as you are one in the business world!

Words by Sophia Smith

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