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s there anything more uplifting than a dash of sparkle during the day? The final flourish to your working wardrobe, worn with an unshakeable sense of elegance and elation, it’s unsurprising that jewellery still remains a cherished item in a woman’s wardrobe. That said, gone are the days where women wield knuckle-duster rings to the office as “custodians of beauty” as Elizabeth Taylor would have us do. As the moments in which we can wear costume jewellery are more and more fleeting, and in wake of a functional, capsule wardrobe, less are the opportunities to make a fashion statement, as more often than not, it looks like we are vying for attention. Instead, opt for a subtle sprinkling of strategically matched pieces; small and subtle but equally beautiful, to whisper an exquisite murmur of sophistication and power.

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Daytime Diamonds

Style it Like a Boss: The Jewellery Edit

Investment sparklers are pieces to buy once and wear forever, embellishing the simplest of office staples. Purple Luxe’s Wonder Cufflinks and their equally decadent cousin, Maze Cufflinks, are the perfect pieces to punctuate a plain white canvas with little drops of light. Team Victoria Chan’s Oversized White Shirt with Rose & Willard’s Fasti A-Line Skirt to create the perfect base for maximum impact. Add ORA’s White Tear-Drop Pearl Earrings for a subtle tie-in of classic elegance and finish with Chillerton’s Bramling Black Heels, to tie the look off with a graphic drop of black.

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Be Bold in Gold

Style It Like A Boss: the Jewellery Edit

Whilst gold is still an homage to living a life of luxury, taupe is the new hue to match it to enhance the earthy tones. Adorn EmmaJane Knight’s Cashmere Dress with the polished, golden finish of House of Demu’s Fenestra Citrine Ring and match with subtle pieces such as ORA’s Magna Bracelet, finished with a pink pearl and stacked Orb Rings for an added element of texture. She Lion’s The Originator Tablet Handbag will house all your essentials, so make it match with Lucy Choi’s Blur Navy Leather Shoes. Gold is a colour that speaks for itself, so add multiple styles into the mix for a tied-together, symphonic ensemble that speaks volumes while making an impact.

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Precious Metals

Style it Like a Boss: The Jewellery Edit

Sterling silver always looks effortlessly charismatic, and by choosing an extra special piece you can really highlight your individual style. House of Demu’s Moonstone Ring and Fenestra Pearl Ring are truly unique pieces, finished with the carefully laboured hand-made aesthetic, bringing the raw and archaic element of early craftsmanship into your modern working wardrobe. Clash it with the classical elegance of Cecily’s Karen Dress and Chillerton’s Sanderling Flats to create a look that is effortlessly chic, but punctuated with personality of precious metals.


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Classic Pearls

Style it Like a Boss: The Jewellery Edit

Timeless classics that can transform an outfit in an instant, the beauty of pearls will never need a polish. Cecily’s Gina dress provides a stunning backdrop to the simplicity of white pearls in a tribute to the unforgettable style of Mad Men’s Joan Harris. Frame the flared sleeves with two pops of pearls, moving away from the predictability of a simple white bracelet, found in ORA’s Magna and Alba Bracelet, letting the two chains entwine. In comparison, adorn the elegant neckline with a Classic Pearl Necklace, worthy of this timeless, feminine style. Keep the look effortlessly feminine but with all the focus on the dress; Lucy Choi’s Ruby Pink Snake Heels offer both comfort and classical style with their polished nude snakeskin finish.


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