Style It Like a Boss: The Tuxedo

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 f anyone had a right to comment on the impact of the tuxedo, it would be its godfather, Yves Saint Laurent.  Publicly re-mastered on the worlds stage with his 1966 ‘Le Smoking’ , Saint Laurent gave women – and now, working women – the ability to indulge in “the indispensable garment” as effortlessly as their male peers did for years prior. The psychological impact of this timeless two-piece is not easily shaken off, as pointed out by Abraham Rutchick, a psychology professor at California State University. “Putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful” he says, commenting on how our response to authority figures changes with the way they dress. Predictably, formal attire “changes the basic way we see the world”, cementing the tuxedo as an icon of influence in fashion’s historical archives. Easily considered a form of armour when venturing up the career ladder, the effect of dressing for success goes hand in hand with investing in a tuxedo and unsurprisingly, there’s research to back it up. A recent study, The Cognitive Consequence of Formal Clothing highlights how wearing formal clothing for a professional environment elevates our ability to accept criticism, meet deadlines and handle our finances. Evidently, wearing a tuxedo to work is more than a good style choice as what may a be signpost of power to some is a career-orientated manoeuvre to others.

Considering the balancing act that women face in dressing for work and in making the right impression, the tuxedo is ultimate staple for the perfect working wardrobe. The perfect blend between masculine and feminine, it’s a piece associated with confidence, integrity and unwavering self-belief and a staple that the pillars of the fashion world all flock to. “We believe fashion is about communication” says Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snorene of Viktor & Rolf, “[the tuxedo] is understood everywhere and therefore an ideal tool to get the point [of power] across”. Hedi Slimane, the late creative director of Saint Laurent Paris agrees; “there is no escape or distraction” he says, “it really is about the woman who wears it without false pretence.” Featuring four interpretations of this timeless combination by Stefanie Renoma, dress for success with your own power piece and wear it with pride.

— 1 —
Classic Black

Style it Like a Boss: The Tuxedo

Shop the look: The Perfect Tuxedo Jacket by Stefanie Renoma | Bow White Blouse by Sophie Cameron Davies | Slim-fit Tuxedo Trousers by Stefanie Renoma | Calaban Black Lace Heels by Lucy Choi | Duet Pearl Earrings by ORA 

The first and the original. A grounding reminder that making an impact needn’t be a frivolous pursuit. Featuring the sumptuous texture of rich velvet and elegant satin details,  Stefanie Renoma’s Perfect Tuxedo set is a sublime homage to the original cut. Worn with Sophie Cameron Davies’s White Bow Blouse, the clean lines and simple shape reiterates the elegance found in simplicity and how making an impact needn’t be complicated.

— 2 —
Bold Burgundy

Style it Like a Boss: The Tuxedo

Shop the look: The Smoking Tuxedo Jacket by Stefanie Renoma | High-waisted Burgundy Tuxedo Trousers by Stefanie Renoma | Oversized Classic White Shirt by VIKTORIA CHAN | Lovell Heels by Lucy Choi | Euclid Pearl Earrings by ORA | Magna Pear Bracelet by ORA | The Rainmaker Tote & Laptop bag by She Lion

A newcomer to the table is the beautifully deep shade of burgundy. A bold choice that moves your working wardrobe away from the predictability of too much black, burgundy is a shade that sits perfectly between conveying personality and making a memorable impression. Frame Stefanie Renoma’s Burgundy Smoking Jacket and trousers with the elegance of classic peals, such as  ORA’s Euclid Pearl Earrings and matching Classical Pearl Necklace. Match it up with She Lion’s Rainmaker Bag & Laptop case for the perfect colour pairing and keep the heel subtle such as Lucy Choi’s Lovell Heels, to keep the tux the centre of attention.

— 3 —
Nouveau Navy

Style It Like a Boss: The Tuxedo

Shop the look: Ivy Cufflinks by Purple Luxe | Swift Nero Heel by Chillerton | Straight-fit Tuxedo Trousers by Stefanie Renoma | Long Tuxedo Jacket by Stefanie Renoma | Farrah Blouse by Majorelle London | Muted Blue Satchel by Linda Sieto | Classic Pearl Earrings by ORA

Dubbed “the new black”, navy is the shade associated with elegance, intelligence and sophistication. Pair that with a tuxedo and what presents itself is a combination fit to serve you as you smash through the glass ceiling. "When I see someone in navy, I think they are sophisticated, effortless” says Whistles CEO Jane Sheperdson, “not trying too hard but with an innate sense of style.”  The longer, androgynous cut of the Long Tuxedo Jacket by Stefanie Renoma paired with the classical Straight Fit Tuxedo Trousers indulges in a deep midnight shade of navy, reflecting all the reasons to fall in love in the first place. Flatter the blue with the soft tones of ivory and subtle mandarin collar of Majorelle London’s Farrah Blouse. Worn underneath the large lapels of the jacket, the stark contrast of two necklines gives this combination a dash of something extra.

— 4 —
Bright White

Style it Like a Boss: The Tuxedo

Shop the look: White Tuxedo Jacket by Stefanie Renoma | Bramling Black Snake Heels by Chillerton | Black Python Envelop Clutch by ALLEGRA LONDON | Slim-fit Tuxedo Trousers by Stefanie Renoma | Black Euclid Pearl Earrings by ORA | Magna Black Pearl Bracelet by ORA

After years of climbing the career ladder, aiming for promotions and securing important clients, the white tuxedo is the trophy of your success for out-of-the-office pursuits; the fashion equivalent of the glamourous corner-office. Finished with silky buttons and pockets alongside lengthened sleeves for a boxy-fitting shape, Stefanie Renoma White Tuxedo set is a piece to save for land-mark moments. Worn with a simple white blouse and ORA’s Duet Pearl Earrings, be sure to create a contrast with black accessories, like ink spots on a plain page. The subtle snakeskin of Chillteron’s Bramling Black Snake heels and python skin of ALLEGRA LONDON’s Black Envelope Clutch punctuate the dazzling white base with the perfect graphic inserts. Creating an ensemble for centre-stage occasions, invest in the Renoma two-piece early and keep it for the momentous moments of your career; the image-defining interview or when collecting your milestone  award. 

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