The Office Ally: The 3 Workplace Handbag Personalities

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s high heels accompany a dress and empower the wearer, the handbag is the quintessential companion to office attire. The convenience of a transportable office is something that career women have sworn by for years, without hesitation or justification. But with the demands of the work day unfolding as the week goes on and when considering the overwhelming range of choice women have for their working wardrobe, choosing the right work bag is nothing short of a challenge.

The value of investing in a career piece for the long-term however, creates the foundations for your working wardrobe, an idea reiterated by Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania; they act as “anchors” to our wardrobe and when navigating luxury investments. If a bag is supposed to be for life (rather than the fleeting gift of a forgotten birthday), investing in pieces to make a statement as well as practicality is a sign of commitment as well as style. The buy once-and-wear-forever formula contributes to creating a corporate uniform – the other styling secret to surviving the corporate world – and so investing in one item contributes to the image that will reflect your work; as always, the handbag is a key piece to start with. Considering the recent suggestion ‘handbag etiquette’ reflecting your office performance, linked directly to the state of your personal workspace, if a tidy desk is a tidy mind, then an organised bag is a sign of self-respect. Find your office ally and bag personality with our arm-candy edit.

— 1 —
The Junior

As the newbie to the office environment and to the corporate worlds itself, you will inevitably begin at the bottom of the ladder and you’ll need a bag that keep up with the pace, yet still look effortlessly elegant. A bag for the recent graduates and new-job grinders, The Deal Closer Satchel and Laptop Bag by She Lion  is the perfect beginnings bag, combining premium practicality with tasteful office elegance to create a reliable, multi-functional office staple. Complete with a separate laptop case, the structured tote shape is a clean and classic style for the first timer, with plenty of room for all the essentials, balanced with space for the desk-to-dinner accessories.

— 2 —
Moving On Up

Once you’ve moved up a couple of rungs of the career ladder, a new bag is the letter seal on the declaration of your new power. Linda Sieto’s Muted Blue Satchel is a chic and modern alternative to the classic black work bag, combining the demands of the daily grind with the joy of indulging in fashion. A sleek and slim shape that integrates several shades of blue, the Satchel balances the demand of office practicality with indulgent aesthetics, combining multiple pockets and a small, sturdy handle with a subtle and stylish colour. Equally practical is She Lion’s Trailblazer Tablet Compendium, a comprehensive, multi-purpose unit for the days on the go. Accommodating a laptop, cables and office essentials alongside paperwork and personal items, each piece provides the perfect blend of style with substance, making your work bag a statement wardrobe staple, as much as it is an extension of your office.

— 3 —
Bossing It

The power of the top position isn’t so much as what you wield at work, but rather what you don’t. With your PA team carrying the heavy load of your schedule and your office providing the environment in which you can cut deals and give the orders, all you need are the essentials. Keep it chic with BAIA’s Shoulder bag in a soft shade of sorbet. Made from buttery leather and finished with simple metal accents and detailed stitching, the simplicity of The Shoulder makes a statement of power as well as position. Alternatively, the Grey Python Envelope Clutch by Allegra London is the clutch designed for the high-flyer. Made from sumptuous Indonesian python leather and finished with a magnetic folding closure, the simplicity of the clutch says it all, reducing your days down to the basics as frivolities aren’t necessary when you have this much influence.

Words by Emma Corr

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