Feneun for SilkarmourFeneun is a young, creative brand that combines the volatility of the cosmopolitan present with the appreciation of memories. Designed in Germany and manufactured in Italy, the inspiration for a Feneun scarf is grounded in the appreciation of the moment; a respect for tradition combined with a desire for individuality. Founder Clara Chrocziel uses her background in high fashion and tailoring having worked at Hugo Boss, Moncler and Schumacher, to bring a luxurious element to this simple yet versatile accessory.

Celebrating the small and precious moments in life, Feneun transfers a breath-taking view or a cherished memory onto a scarf, bringing a sense of intimacy to a classic accessory. Created in small batches of singular designs to preserve the exclusivity of this craftsmanship, the collections are unique and precious as they are comfortable and stylish.