Helou Design Silkarmour

elou Designs is a luxury jewellery label, born out of a love of eccentric costume jewellery. Designed for a woman who loves to adorn her outfit with the lustre of semi-precious stones, Helou Design’s mission is to combine the beauty, creativity and adventure of statement jewellery pieces with the luxury quality of real stones and bring the joy of jewellery to a wider market. Every Helou Designs piece is unique. As a naturally product of the earth every stone used varies in its shape style, colour and size, giving each item its own set of characteristics in the raw beauty of the stone. The use of pearls, semi-precious stones and crystals contrasts with each design’s penchant for practicality, including the use of stretch materials for bracelets and easy-to-use clasps, so any piece can be slipped or clipped into place, adding instant glamour to any ensemble. We hope you will enjoy our designs and unique natural materials as much as our loyal clients do. Our mission is to put a smile on every woman’s face when she wears one of our pieces and feels like the beautiful and amazing woman she truly is. All products are 100% handcrafted in the USA.