Rose& Willard Silkarmour

ounder Heidy Rehman, asserts, ‘We have a moral conscience, we don’t exploit’, and it is this mindfulness to environmental ethics and human rights that has gone some way to raising the popularity of Rose & Willard. Materials sourced abroad comply with high ethical standards whilst the designing of garments proudly takes place in Britain, as does the majority of the manufacturing process. In line with their ethical agenda is their most recent and innovative venture into creating garments that incorporate segments of sustainably farmed ‘fish leather’, which Rehman describes as having ‘the texture of suiting fabric and the feel of thin suede’. Practicality speaking, fish leather is also washable and extremely durable, so there’s no reason not to embrace the new! The end product is a collection that continues along a line of moral consciousness. Rehman’s previous job as a senior equity research analyst at Citi raised her awareness to the gender typecasting that has long pervaded the business environment, and prompted in her a desire to promote femininity in the workplace and to feel empowered by it. Rose & Willard’s clothes therefore consist of feminine, classically tailored pieces as well as more experimental designs where garments are cut and colours contrasted to create abstract shapes. These are clothes designed for the sophisticated woman who can be content that what she is wearing contributes an admirable message.

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