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4 Ways to Style Like a Boss - The Little Black Dress 

ILike a white canvas serves as the base to an artist, the litlle black dress is the essential base to the working wardrobe of any modern business woman...

Guest Post: Power Style by Visual Therapy 

Image is what you put out there, identity is who you are, and clarity is the magic that happens when the two come together. Let’s talk about power style.

5 Iconic fashion designers that transformed women's workwear

What makes a fashion item iconic is not only how it changes the landscape of style but also the purpose that keeps it relevant for years to come...

6 Investment pieces for the perfect capsule wardrobe 

Shopping for workwear should not be a chore. But with the overwhelming amount of choice on offer, its easy to lose focus on what we actually need... 

3 Classic Styling Tricks for the ultimate Spring Staple

Adding personality into a simple ensemble is often a hallmark of good style. Although accessories should typically be kept to a minimum, there’s one item that has stood against the changing frivolities of fashion...

4 Styling Secrets to wearing the Trench Coat like a Boss

As Spring approaches, the transitional weather means there’s one timeless staple your work wardrobe is in need of; the Trench Coat

3 Ways to style like a boss - The Sleeveless Jacket

The catwalks this year have once again been flooded with fabulous sleeveless jacket combinations, a perfect solution to the dreaded T-Rex arm syndrome when stuck for hours behind the desk in a suit jacket....

The Spirit of Fashion: With Great Choice comes Great Responsibility

The proliferation and democratisation of fashion design throughout the past century has led us to an age of abundant choice in what we can wear, and for this, we must be thankful..

Fall-ing in Love: Autumn Trends we Can’t Get Enough of

As the longer nights draw in and everyone is in emotional limbo between summer and Christmas, why not freshen up your wardrobe with some new trends for autumn?