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£97.00 GBP

Petunia Pencil Dress

Well-fitting pencil dress of a classical line, of knee-length, sleeveless. Symmetrical open pleats at the top and the bottom part of the dress shape the figure in a way that it gets harmonious feminine dimensions.
Zipper along the backline. A short slit at the back. V neck at the back side, finished with a material of contrasting colour. Two versions of the dress available this season: beige and dark blue, both with a white V-back.
Simplicity of this dress may be misleading. Once tried on it immediately creates the effect of a refined and exceptionally elegant look thanks to the way it is constructed. The back with its contrasting V adds originality to this classic dress and attracts gazes to this part of a body.
Hence it is recommended to be worn with your long hair pinned up rather than let loose.
Light grey version with a red accent is more casual and this is our proposal for the smart office look.