Esin Akan-MAYFAIR Black Python & Black-Silkarmour-2
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£395.00 GBP

MAYFAIR Black Python & Black


3-in-1 Mayfair bag perfectly captures the Esin Akan multi-use design ethos. Featuring an innovative leather overlay that can be positioned over the front or back of the bag to create three completely different looks; turning an elegant shoulder bag into a different colour cross-body in one simple move. The possibility to change the colour of your bag through double sided design and the second leather overlay helps to match your bag easily to your shoe and outfit colour of the day and occasion. The adjustable strap adds another adaptable design element, giving you endless outfit possibilities. The bag can accommodate an iPad, a notebook and personal items in an order and makes it "the perfect accessory" to take you from a meeting to and evening party with glamour.